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Important Information


  • Our school is  a bully free environment. If you or your student is aware of any kind of bullying (verbal or physical) PLEASE report it immediately.

Dress Code

  • Although our school does not use formal uniforms, there is clothing that is appropriate for school.
  • No clothing relating to alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Girls must have their shoulders covered and skirts must be long enough as to not show their bottoms
  • All students must come to school with closed shoes.
  • For a full list of guidelines please see the school handbook.

Attendance and Tardiness Policy  If you miss school-you miss out!

  • Everyday is important. If you are truly sick, please stay home. Call the office to report your student's absence.
  • Tardiness is also disruptive. Please respect your classmates and be on time.
  • For a complete copy of the district guidelines please refer to the school handbook. 
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